Champignon mushrooms

Champignon mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) is the most popular mushroom in Croatia and in the world.

Their cap is round; snow-white in colour, the stipe is a bit stubby and easily detached from the cap. Their flesh is firm and hard, with an exceptional taste and a very mild smell. They can be prepared fresh as a salad (if they are young), in sauces, on the grill, and they are delicious filled as well.

  • White champignon mushroom - a nutritious mushroom easy to prepare. It is available 12 months a year.
  • Cremini mushroom – cremini mushroom is a variety of  Brown champignon mushroom with the same characteristics as white. In addition to the brown colour of the cap, it is characterized by a more pronounced flavour.
  • Portobello - Portobello is a fully developed brown mushroom, with a large open cap about 10 cm in diameter, specially cultivated for the fresh mushroom market.

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